Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement

Replacing your windows is very beneficial for you and your home, especially for this upcoming winter. By replacing your windows it will improve the overall aesthetics of your home, cover up unwanted cold and heat, and also saves a great deal of money on energy bills. Replacing windows can be an exciting process but prior to this happening, it is best to prepare your home for the new installments for the best outcome!

Create Space

Professional window installers need plenty of space to the room as well as the windows themselves to move across the house without causing damage. Have a clear path ready with no obstacles for the installers. If there are stairs involved, clear anything that might trip or get in the way of the installers. Move all the furniture off to the side that are in the way of the windows. Lastly, uninstall window dressings and turn off any security system sensors.

Easy Access

If you won’t be available at your house during the window installation, be sure the installers have easy access to both inside and outside of your home. If you have exterior gates leave them open and keep the front or back door unlocked. Make sure you and your window installers have discussed when to schedule the installation and have a reminder set up so you don’t forget. If you have pets, make sure they are kenneled or kept in another room away from the installers.

Drop Clothes

Most window installations can be an easy process as popping out the old and installing the new windows with the majority of the work done on the exterior.  If your old windows has lead based paint on them, or if your windows have a more complicated window installation, Ultimate Windows will bring our own drop clothes and cleaning materials to assure our clients a safe EPA compliant work.

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