Replace Your Patio Doors with These 3 Signs

Not only does your patio door provide protection from weather related elements and intruders but also adds character to your home. Patio doors improves the overall look of your exterior and creates a smooth transition for the indoor section of your house to the outdoors. To see if you may need a replacement door, first check to see if your patio door has any damages on the frame or glass. Sometimes, patio doors might not show any external damages but is affecting your energy efficiency and the comfort of your home. Take note on these three signs when choosing a replacement patio door for your home!

Difficulty Close and Opening
Check the movement of your patio door and see if there is any part that gets stuck occasionally or leaves any gaps. Your patio door should open and close seamlessly, if it doesn’t, that means your patio door is old and deformed. Next to age, weather causes the deterioration of patio doors. It’s time for a new patio door if it isn’t closing or opening properly!

Drafts, Leaks, Moisture
Any signs off drafts, air or water leaks that penetrates your home profusely? If there is any trapped moisture indoors, it is a main sign you should get your patio door replaced. Patio doors help protect your home from the heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and other weather related elements and will need proper maintenance to keep it durable.

Energy Efficiency
Your home can be losing energy efficiency because of inefficient patio doors that are too old or damaged. Old doors will not be able to shield your home from everyday elements so it won’t be able to keep the heat or cool air in your home. This is why it’s important to get replacement patio doors so you won’t have to spend more money on your energy bills.

If you have any issues with your patio doors or in need of replacements, have one of Ultimate Window’s experts visit your home today! Call us at 617-387-5566 or use our contact form for inquiries about our quality custom patio doors and window products.

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