Prepare for the Winter with New Windows

It was predicted that this coming winter will be just as brutal as last winter in New England so it’s best to be prepared this time before the snow comes! Cold temperature and lots of snow will equal to higher heating bills. Windows not only give great accent to your home and let in sunshine, they also take account for 10%-25% of your heating bill. This is because your windows are letting heat escape, for this upcoming winter, it’s time to get new windows that are energy efficient for your home.  Typically, a home spends over 40% of their annual energy budget for both heating and cooling. With Ultimate Windows, you’ll be able to get high performance windows installed by professionals. With our windows, more heat will be kept in your home during the winters and more cool air in the summer time cutting down your energy bills. Ultimate Windows will also find the right windows and guide you with the variety of options available for your home so call us at 617-387-5566 today!

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