How Frequently Should You Replace Your Windows?

Spring is finally here, time to prepare your home for the warmer weather! From your home’s aesthetics to being energy efficient, getting replacement windows have many benefits for you and your home. However, not many people know when it’s the right time to replace their windows. Does windows even have a life expectancy?

If your windows are over 15 years old, it is time to replace them. Some windows might last shorter or longer depending on the conditions it has been in. The environment you are located in and the quality of your window is also what determines how long your windows can last. If you can hear noise from inside your home when you never did before or feel a draft coming through even though your windows are closed shut? Noise and drafts are signs that your windows are old and need a replacement. If you see these signs in your home, get replacement windows from professional window installers like Ultimate Windows!

Replacement windows will not only improve the appearance of your home but help reduce your energy bill and noise as well! Ultimate Windows has many window selections and styles to complement your home. Call us at 617-387-5566 or use our contact form for more inquiries about our replacement window services.

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