Benefits of Picture Windows

The simplicity of a picture window is what makes it so popular among homeowners. Picture windows are very versatile window choice since they can look good by themselves or you can combine them with additional windows to create the look you want. They make it easy to enjoy the view of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Ultimate Windows listed three ways a picture window can complement your home.

Combinations: Enrich your home’s aesthetics by combining picture windows with other window styles. For instance, by adding casement windows on each side of a picture window will allow more ventilation and sunlight into your home.  Another combination to try is have a specialty window atop of a picture window will definitely upgrade the look of your home. There is a variety of ways of mixing and matching window combinations that you’ll find a style to fit your vision of your home’s appeal. Picture windows look great with casements, double-hung, gliding, specialty or awning style windows.

Sunlight:  Natural light benefits your home in many ways. Having large windows helps lower your electric bill, boost curb appeal, improve the colors within your home and can even improve your mood and sleep patterns. Instead of getting an expensive sun room or having a series of small windows to enjoy your outdoor views, get a picture window. By getting large picture windows, you can create window walls by lining them up next to each other. Our replacement windows are custom made and sized to let in as much sunlight in your home as possible.

Space: A perfect place utilize picture windows are the empty wall space that vaulted ceilings create. With the placement of the window being so high there will be no need to open any windows.  The simplistic style of the picture window will help brighten up your home any time of the day! An idea to customize your window look is to add different sizes of picture windows next to each other. This style will bring in more natural light and add a unique look to your home that you and your guest can enjoy.

If you are inspired to try a new look for your home or just in need of a replacement picture window, contact Ultimate Windows at 617-387-5566 for quality picture windows. All our windows can be custom fit any window opening of your home so use our contact form is you have any inquires about our window replacement services.

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